Heat map analytics

Increase your conversions by seeing where people click.

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Kirill, CTO, "CarFin" car loans
Perfect tool to optimize your conversions
We've been with HeatTest since the early alpha and, well, it rocks. Turns out our users are clicking absolutely not where we expected them to!

Haani, SEO consultant
So much better than Google Analytics!
Google Analytics "overlay" report is based on URLs users visit, not the coordinates they actually click. If a user clicks an image that has no link - you don't see it in GA. I'm so happy HeatTest invited me into the beta!

Alex, CEO/Founder, Jitbit Software & HeatTest.com:
We scratched our own itch
We realized that we need heatmap click analytics for our own website and the existing tools are either too basic or too expensive. So we decided to create our own heatmap script.

Smooth install

Just two lines of JavaScript
The heatmap engine loads asynchronously and does not affect your site's performance.
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Realtime analytics

You don't have to wait 24 hours for your heatmaps to recalculate (unlike with some of the competition). All the clicks you see are up-to-date. Just press F5 to see the fresh clicks. More info »

Built at Jitbit

HeatTest is brought to you by Jitbit Software - the authors of the award winning SaaS HelpDesk app

We know how you feel!

  • "Why no one clicks my big "sign-up" button?"
  • "Where is everyone going from here?"
  • "What attracts most of my visitors' attention?"

You need to see where people click. It's that simple. And a "heatmap" is a perfect solution - visualizing the most clicked elements as "hot" areas.
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A heatmap is an easy way to visualize which elements users click the most. Stop guessing, have an actual look.


1000-clicks free trial
Enough to start improving your website. We can even extend your evaluation beyond the 1000 clicks, drop us a note.


See what's hot
See what's hot and what's not. Improve your sales and conversions by tracking their mouse.